PixTrakk Solution

PixTrakk finds your photos in print publications and on the web !
As media outlets expand more and more, it becomes more and more difficult to track the usage of your images.

So with the service :
For the Agencies
- Identify image usages more efficiently
- Save time on your invoicing
- Increase your bottom line
- Spend more time promoting your content

For the Publications :
- Report your image usage more efficiently
- Reduce image invoicing errors
- Decrease administrative time
- Dedicate more time to image research

The team :
, very famous international research center, for it’s image recognition technology.  It’s search engine is now an essential world standard.

PixWays, for it’s network of buyers and sellersour: PixWays is known as a provider of services for photo professionals including their flagship service, PixPalace, as well as PixTrakk and PixTech. They are responsible for the marketing and administration of PixTrakk

Kantar Media, for digital versions of printed publications and website sites : World No. 1 in monitoring digital content and advertising investment, active in 57 countries, Kantar Media explores all kinds of media. The company keeps track of digital publications and a web monitoring solution

How does it work ?
- The PixTrakk solution compares the photos in the printed publications, and their monitored web sites
- The Zeitera recognition search engine finds the images in these publications and webs that belong to the agencies in the database
- The usage information is immediately made available via the web interface of the PixTrakk Solution
- You may search the usage by publication/agency, date and manage email alerts as well as generate reports, import into your invoice system and manage follow-up correspondence
- Saves you time in that it only searches for images that are used !