PixTech solution

Our PixTech solution enables the publication to search all of their local content, being wires service feeds or publication archives into one user interface for one search access.
The PixTech solution, makes your image research much more efficient as you are assured that all content has been considered in a shorter amount of time reducing your overall research and technological solutions costs.

What are the advantages ?
Optimize your assets

- Aggregate your text and photo filess
- Personalized research tools
- Great tool for photo researchers, art directors and editors
- Asset management for newspapers, webs, magazines and advertising

Workflow Efficiency
- No bandwidth drop off unlike web solutions
- Simplify searching to only one access point
- Huge storage capacity (teras) or large flows of photos.

Cost Efficiency
- Centralize your assets
- Search through low res and only access high res when needed

Who uses this service ?
All types of media, websites, advertising agencies, regional newspaper groups and more.