PixPalace Solution

You are a photo buyer, use PixPalace !

Lightning fast searches
In one click you can search across over 100 photo agencies with over 12 million images plus 30 000 new images being fed daily. There’s no need to research from individual websites saving you hours of time and money.

We install a server on your local network which guarantees much faster delivery than the web and we guarantee seamless 24/7 access to our web back up if problems should arise on your local network. We are also providing you with web access, wherever you might be.

Diverse global photo sources
is an intermediary between the photo agencies and their customers. Each agency preserves his own visual identity which guarantees you access to the excellence of some of the greatest photo agencies is photojournalism, creative, sports, entertainment, science and more.
Some agencies are visible exclusively on PixPalace and they are joined by more and more photo suppliers all the time.

RSS feeds to intagrating into your existing RSS readers
With our saved searches option, you can also send your searches to your favorite RSS reader applications !
Asset management
PixPalace can be used to also search your own local content as well as our agency content.  For more information, see our PixTech solution.

Image usage reporting
We have a solution to report your usage to the providers ! For more information, see our PixTrakk solution.

You are a content provider, choose PixPalace !

Access to new image buyers
Founded 13 years ago, PixPalace is acknowledged as France’s leading photo portal for professionals in the press, publishing and communication sectors.

Your content is delivered to the top magazine, newspapers and book publishers in the business. By adding your content into PixPalace you join 100 other agencies. The more content providers means more visibility in the publishing world, thus more new image buyers.

Personalized management of your photos
You manage your own fees and restrictions with the image buyers.  You may check your downloads 24/7 and export them to Excel by web access and we supply a weekly download report.

You can receive photo requests directly from the buyer through the PixPalace user interface and can upload directly back to the requesting user via your PixPalace ftp account.

Usage Tracking
We have a solution to track your image usage! For more information, see our PixTrakk solution.

How does it work ?
The Agencies send their high res images to our main server.  Our application then distributes low and medium res files to the servers on the publication’s local client server.  When the hi res is needed, the user hits the download button and the image is pulled to their desktop via the internet.