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PixTrakk partners : Zeitera and TNS

Zeitera is a media recognition service powering content detection solutions for application developers and enterprise partners worldwide. Zample technology is designed to discover, analyze and match detections through image, video and audio media to drive new forms of targeted advertising, audience measurement, and content auditing

TNS media intelligence
TNS is the world’s leading market research company for all types of clients from advertising investors to political strategists.  Present in more than 75 countries, TNS’s market research technology analyzes all the media – press, radio, TV, Internet, blogs, cinema, mobile telephones, media mail, e-mailing, media tactics and on the international scale, 24/7. They offer a complete range of tools and diagnostics: advertising rates, press reviews and media covers analysis, measuring marketing impact and effectiveness … Strategic information which makes it possible to the decision makers to direct their strategy of communication and to manage their progress. TNS is the leading polling company in 25 countries and has interviewed almost 3 million respondents and has over 12,000 media studies. TNS media intelligence is a division of the Kantar Group.

Others partners :

AFD www.objectif-developpement.fr/concours/prixAFDphoto
IPTC http://www.iptc.org
photographie.com http://www.photographie.com
Gens d’images http://gensdimages.com
Promenades de Vendôme http://www.promenadesphotographiques.com
ANI http://www.ani-asso.fr

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