Agencies that have recently joined PixPalace

Avenir-picturesAVENIR PICTURES : A new french press agency, who covers all politics and sports events.

CHRISTOPHELART : quality first ! New Premium Collection of Art and History.

FotoReso is a photo agency specializing in transports. It offers actuality and illustration subjects on recurrent topics as: high-speed trains, regional trains, urban networks, freight, railway industry, railway stations, long- distance buses, public transport (undergrounds, trams, buses, cycles…)

Created in 1965, DPPI Media agency is one of the most famous sports photo agency. About 18 millions pictures archives.

Created in 1987, BIOSPHOTO, is established itself as a militant in favor of the environment. Photo library specialized in Nature, Environment and Garden.

Item is a photo collective founded in 2001, the structure units a select group of photojournalists as well as a film director, a graphic designer and an anthropologist. Item has built a strong reputation for covering political, social, cultural news and for developing the most in-depth documentary projects.

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