Who are we ?
We are a French company created in 2004 by Jean Favreau, Herve Mariaud and Marek Kasprzyk.

Our mission
We connect professional photo agencies, collectives and stock illustration distributors with all types of media including magazines, newspapers, websites, advertising and book publishers.
We also provide usage tracking services for image content in print publications and the web as well as image asset management solutions for both Agencies and Publications. These agencies and users are partners because they form a community of buyers and sellers.
Since beginning this service in France, PixPalace has become the standard on the French market for professional image research. The PixPalace service was created to enable a daily live feed of a wide diversity of image content into publications

Our company has grown and so have our services :

  • To track image usage in print publications and on the web, see our PixTrakk solution.
  • To manage and search content in your publication including your local libraries and other wire services with one click,  see our PixTech solution.
  • An inexpensive, high quality service for translating meta-data for our partners and other interested organisations.

We deliver
All of our solutions provide a “one click” search for a world of photos, and photo usage !

The team

Président : Christophe Ralite

DG : Hervé Mariaud

Directrice Commerciale : Sylvaine Lecoeur

Chargée de Clientèle : Anne-Sophie de Neve

Contact Administration/Comptabilité : Yasmina Guemra

Développement / Support Technique : Nathalie Durant

Administration réseau/Support Technique : Adrien Barbotte

For more informations, Contact us.